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Made by Jonas, Niklas & Josef during a weeklong gamejam in February 2015. Arenaroids is a gameplay prototype, hence lacking in graphical quality. Please try it out and use this google form to tell us what you think of the gameplay.

ArenaRoids is a local multiplayer deathmatch game for 2-4 players. One xbox360 gamepad is required for each player.

In ArenaRoids, players battle against each other in a procedurally generated and ever-changing asteroid battlefield. Travel from asteroid to asteroid to gain advantagerous positions and fight for the powerful special weapon pickups.

A range of different weapons make for interesting battlefield dynamics where the hunter quickly becomes the hunted and several different play styles can be successful.

Score points by killing other players.

Made with Unity


Note that one xbox360 gamepad is required for each player.

In game:

Left thumbstick to move while landed on an asteroid. Use a circular motion to follow your character around the asteroid.

Left trigger to jump from an asteroid. Your character will jump straight out from the asteroid so be sure to position it correctly before jumping.

Right thumbstick to aim your weapons.

Right trigger to fire your primary weapon. You can use recoil to navigate while not landed on an asteroid.

Right bumper to fire your special weapon if picked up. These weapons are more powerful but usually comes with a long recharge time.

Start to pause the game.

In menus:

Left thumbstick (left/right) to navigate in menus.

A to confirm selections (move forward)

B to cancel (move back)

Start to start the game after all selections have been made.

Install instructions

Unrar the .rar file (using for example winrar or 7zip).

Start the game with ArenaRoids01.exe.


ArenaRoids.rar 13 MB