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Myrslok Run

Help Myrslok find all the strawberries and get through the 5 levels unharmed. Don't forget to use your special Roll power.

Myrslok Run is a One Button Game with challenges for both new and experienced players.

Inspired by Canabalt, Robot Unicorn Attack and Tiny Wings.

Myrslok Run was made by Jonas Svensson and Niklas Elling in one week, June 2014.

Myrslok Run uses royalty free music by Kevin MacLeod and sound effects from freesound.org.

1.01 Changes:

  • Based on player feedback the first levels are a bit easier, and you can't face some of the more difficult obstacles until later on in the game.
  • You can now skip the score count-up effect when finishing a level.
  • Added a short delay after dying, to avoid unintentional skipping where you didn't have time to see your final score.
  • Bug fix: Sometimes the next level wouldn't load after the score count-up effect was done at the end of a level.

More information

Published2 years ago
AuthorJonas & Niklas
Tagscanabalt, myrslok, one-button, rua, run, Runner, tiny-wings
AccessibilityOne button